SINCE 1978



For the warranty to be valid it is a requirement that the part be fitted by a competent person, such as an operator in a Kuruman Radiators approved radiator work shop, or a qualified mechanic with the invoice of fitment.

In the case where a defect qualifies in terms of this warranty period, Kuruman Radiators will require that the defective part be returned to them, accompanied with the completed specified documentation, indicating relevant test done, in order to evaluate and determine the cause of the failure.

Damage caused by:

Dirt /  Rust in the cooling system

Signs of corrosion in the radiator ( electrolysis or chemical)

Unapproved anti freeze used (OE recommended or Silverton and none other)

Used in incorrect application, non-factory standard, or modified vehicles

Incorrect installation or damage while installing

Poor workmanship when trying to effect repair without written consent from Kuruman Radiators 

Visual damage not reported to Kuruman Radiators on receipt of product will void and invalidate the warranty of relevant product or part and Kuruman Radiators  will have no liability or obligation arising there from.

Limited Warranty

In terms of this warranty, Kuruman Radiators obligations is limited to the repair of replacement, at Kuruman Radiators discretion, of Products or parts supplied by Kuruman Radiators that are proven to be defective in workmanship or materials. Kuruman Radiators is not responsible for consequential cost or incidental damage. Manufactured non-stock items can only be retuned for repairs under warranty.